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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 30, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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en zblnchs this morning the search for answers after a deadly terror attack in istanbul. >> newly released images. also reactions from the political world. hear how the candidates are weighing in on how to fight terror as president obama slams donald trump. >> and pepsi is going clear. making it official, crystal pepsi is coming back. >> woo hoo. >> yeah, the colorless cola becoming a cult hit. will it be able to stay on the shelves a little longer this time around? let's hope. >> we'll see. >> the height of beach season is on. it's never too late t
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simple ways to tone up using your own body weight, and it won't cost you a thing. it's thursday, june 30th. >> is that why you're showing your guns? >> i worked hard for these this week. >> a whopping 20 seconds? >> we did the full workout. 30 minutes. >> the whole drill? >> yes. >> looking forward to seeing it and learning tips. >> let's begin with the latest details from the terror attack in turkey. >> the death toll is 42 people. nearly 240 people injured. dozens remain in critical condition. there's no claim of responsibility for the attack. the cia director agrees with turkish officials saying it bears the hallmarks of isis. >> authorities say this man wearing a winter coat on a summer day was one of the three men believed to be responsible. and a police officer who took down one of the terrorists with
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as a hero. video shows him approaching the attacker on the floor and retreating before the suicide vest is detonated. >> other landmarks lit up. the eiffel tower in paris among them. the top of new york's empire state building was dark to honor the attack victims. more now from marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: new details of how the deadly terror attack unfolded tuesday. three terrorists including this one arriving in a taxi unable to get through security, they take guns out of their suitcases and start shooting. >> he was spraying, and it was nonstop automatic rifles for sure. >> surveillance cameras show the first bomb going off near the security x-ray machines. >> travelers sent running. >> we all ran the other
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then the bombs went off. and people were going the other way. there was more shooting. >> reporter: one of the three attackers chasing people and then taken down, shot by a police officer. the gun sliding across the floor. the officer approaches and runs for cover as the terrorist fumbles and detonates his suicide vest. the third terrorist waiting outside as people ran searching for safety. he detonates another bomb. >> it was total chaos. then we all started to hide. >> reporter: more than 40 people killed including the three terrorists. more than 200 others injured. though no group has claimed responsibility, turkish and u.s. officials suspect isis was behind the attack. istanbul's airport is open as some airports in the u.s. have extra security in place in response. >> all right. as marcy suggested, the attackers spread out after getting to the airport and prior to det
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were carrying. >> turkish officials say it's possible they were foreigners. they believe only adds to the likelihood that isis is to blame. for more on the investigation, let's go to brian ross. >> reporter: officials say the airport surveillance video provides clues through the demeanor of the suicide bombers and gunmen taking different positions of an attack that was well planned. further ed of isis training that's less likely here because it would be harder to form and maintain an operating cell in the united states. i spent the day with the new york police counterterrorism squad. they're gearing up for a long july fourth weekend, especially given the end of ramadan on july 5 july 5th. isis claims they'll earn ten times the rewards if they carry out attacks during the holy month. >> the president called to offer condolences and support. >> t
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rest until the networks of hate is dismantled. the president also tore into donald trump who renewed his call for the return of waterboarding. >> they don't suddenly become a populous because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's not the measure of populi populism. that's nativism. or xenophobia. or worse. >> the president also went onto say people like bernie sanders deserve to be called populous because he campaigned for social opportunity. without mentioning trump by name he said someone who has never shown the same regard for workers or social issues doesn't meet that standard. >> more tough talk from donald trump a
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he blamed the raise of isis on hillary clinton saying the terror group was formed during her tenure and is now worse than ever. he called for stronger u.s. >> isis is looking strong. they look like they're winning. we have to give them a big fat ugly defeat. we have to defeat them fast. >> clinton released an early statement condemning the attack. she has yet to address it on camera. the latest polls show voters trust her more than trump. >> new details into the crash of egypt air flight 804. the flight data recorder indicates there was smoke inside the jet before it crashed. that's consistent with some of the wreckage which shows signs of melting and soot. they're hoping to get more information from the cockpit voice recorder. >> in montana a search underway for a grizzly bear that attac
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the 38-year-old victim was knocked off his mountain bike. his companion got away. the victim was an officer with a forest service. this is the first fatal attack by a grizzly in that part of montana since 2001. >> and pregnant women and children under 6 being urged not to drink tap water. the local doctor's group says the epa's data was collected by last month when the city's water system was flushed out, potentially dislodging residual led. they're recommending bottled water until more testing is done. there is one more. donations of bottled water have dropped. >> there's a nuclear liquid hitting shelves soon. remember this one.
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pushing crystal pepsi. the clear soda was supposed to be the next big thing. it flopped. >> it was huge. so still crystal pepsi had plenty of fans. the company is taking another chance offering the retro soda for eight weeks starting july 7th, and this time you won't see any tv ads. all the marketing will take place on social media. so far the reception is getting mixed reaction. one twitter user said i used to drink crystal pepsi while i listened to music on my walkman. like it's a bad thing? >> now you update to the disk man. i felt so cool when i got my diskman. >> did you ever drink crystal pepsi? >> i don't think so. now we'll get to. how exciting. they should bring back the old ads. >> they should bring back zima. >> now we're
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one dad's selfie revenge. >> first the latest on the shooting of a college professor. police believe it was part of a murder for hire plot. we'll show you what might be the key evidence in the case. >> and later, some key exercises to help you slim down and tone up and no expensive gym memberships or workout gear needed. that means you don't have an excuse anymore. >> we'll stick with the excuses. our behind the scenes picks are on instagram. you're watching "world news now."
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check out these low flying jets making cruise passengers a little nervous. they took this video as a plane took a little too close for comfort off bermuda. it happened the next day as well to another ship. no word on why they were flying to low or close. an investigation is underway. a wisconsin woman in a case of distracted driving has been found not. she was sending facebook messages on her phone in december of 2013. moments later she crashed her suv killing her 11-year-old daughter and her two five-year-old nieces. her lawyers blamed winter road conditions and bad tires. and they pointed out her
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the messages. the deadly shooting of a professor. >> at first i appeared to be a random killing. police say this may have been a case of murder for hire to end a bitter custody battle. >> reporter: new details in the brutal murder of daniel mark elle. obtaining key evidence in a murder for hire plot. surveillance video believed to show him walking into the gym in july of 2014 just hours before his murder. watch as outside a light green sedan is driving around switching from parking spot to parking spot. now watch as he leaves the gym. he gets back into his car and drives off. look closer. what seems to be that same car follows him out of the lot. police say inside that car, the man accused of killing him. >> the driver's side window is all bashed in. he has blood all
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>> he's shot in the head driving into his own garage. >> any case where you have surveillance of bad guys following a victim, it's preplanned. they're attempting to figure out the best place to shoot him. >> reporter: in court friday one of the suspects pleading not. the other has not yet made a court appearance on the murder charges. police say the newly released images show the pair at an atm again in a green car, after the murder. >> there's a lot of speculation. a coincidence or two two, but nothing that will put my client in tallahassee with a gun responsible for this murder. >> reporter: police believe someone hired the men to kill him. they're looking at the family saying they wanted wendy and the couple's two young children to move to south florida and that the divorce with markel stood in the
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>> we'll investigate the connection to family members. apparently no one in the family has been charged as a result of this. >> sad case. zblrvegts coming up in the next half hour, terrifying moments at an amusement park. why these riders had to be escorted down from the top of a roller coast. >> first, just because you can't make it to the gym doesn't mean you can't work out. we met with a trainer who shows how to go old school with your workouts. you're watching "world news now."
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>> this workout plan? >> get you yupumped at a gym? >> yes, so you can road the plane for the first time. >> it's difficult for many of us to squeeze in a workout in our daily routine. >> especially working these hours. however, maybe we're overcomplicating things. i met up with a trainer who showed me the road to a perfectly toned physique does not have to go to a gym. >> the fitness industry is always pumping out new grajts. the growing tend is basics using your own body weight. >> if you're smalling, you're lifting less weight. bigger, more weight. it's applicable to anyone and everyone. and you can do it with minimal or no equipment. >> he says the first step is picking the right exercises. >> making sure you're
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you're not just working one muscle group. >> our circuit started with shoulder tap push ups. >> it ads an oblique workout. >> and then modified pullups. >> this is great. you can find different height bars at a jungle gym or handrailing. >> next up, split squats which he says don't allow you to favor your strong side. i'm kind of cheating when i'm doing my regular squats? >> you may go left or right. you're not noticing. it feels natural, but if you watch it, you'd see. >> i didn't know that. >> then it's time for the shoulder elevated bridge. >> hamstrings and gluts, major glamour muscle. you could do it from a park bench or your couch. >> use
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tricep dips. finish off with a slide plank and hold it for as long as you can. ♪ >> one of the things i love is the book not only has the exercises but also pictures. that's because the key to maximizing your workout and avoiding injury is form. >> again, chest is nice and tall. spine is stable. start with your legs straight. come on. there you go. >> okay. fine. >> i might harass you to keep your hips a little lower. >> repeat circuit two to three times and don't forget to stretch. >> how it works is by making floor sitting positions comfortable. this takes a lot of ankle mobility. when you're warm and these muscles are warmed up, there's a great opportunity to let the muscles cool in a long
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another one would be with the toes tucked under. >> doesn't even feel like we're really stretching. it feels like we're sitting and chatting. >> and then we lied down. >> i never would have thought this could be a stretch. >> just using a nice flat surface like the ground like a guide for perfect alignment. >> this is definitely my favorite part of the workout. >> i told you. >> and my second favorite part? we were done in just 30 minutes. >> adam, that was awesome. thank you so much for showing us around today. any last words of advice? >> just because you can't make it to the gym doesn't mean you can't work out. >> great. i didn't necessarily love that last part. you're taking away all my excuses. >> were you sore at all from doing it? >> i was, actually, and our thank you to the live well company for letting us invade their gym to do it. the point is you don't need one, but it was a great facility. i was sore. we actually did do the full
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shoulders down, chest up. >> okay. i do that every time i drink a cocktail. >> there you go. that's important.
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k-y touch. ♪ okay. lately we have seen quite a few records go down. guinness world records go down and create. we had the mattress domino, the longest serving anchor in houston at our station there. the most hugs. and now we bring you the latest one to go down. the little guy there, that's twinkie. he's a jack russell terrier in california. he's about to break and make a guinness world record for popping 100 balloons in 39.08 seconds. tin can twinkie, go. it's an astonishing record. it's owned by a wonderful woman there. and the previous record was just shy of 42 seconds. >> take that
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twinkie does it in 39. hey. twinkie is looking for more balloons after she finished that one. >> i'm not sure. >> i would have loved to have been around for the training. parenting have been tough. especially when you're dealing with millennial the and the internet. they don't always follow your advice. one dad found a creative way of dealing with it. after talking to his daughter and saying the selfies were a little too sexy, he started taking selfies like hers. >> i don't think her selfies are all that -- well, that's hilarious. >> can you imagine? >> maybe this will get through. >> beer pong has been
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much -- more than a decade. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> i don't remember what i'm talking about. but there's very little you can do to change beer pong, but now someone has revolutionized this right of passage in college. take a look what they've done. they've added the beer pong cups. that's one of the roombas, a moving vacuum cleaner. they're really good at it. >> wow. >> this was one genius who thought this would be a nice modern twist to beer pong, and also kind of check your sobriety as well while playing the game. >> brain surgeons and rocket scientists of america right there. >> it's pricey. the average roomba is $800. >> really? this is high end beer pong. >> and you need
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this morning on world news now, inside the istanbul airport. new images with the time line. now hundreds in the hospital as loved ones mourn the victims killed. a major victory in the fight against isis. hundreds of fighters killed during a coordinated air strike attack. their convoy blown up in a strategic strike. could it be a sign of the tide turning? >> and lucky salon workers in chicago. >> they were inside when a car crashed through the front of the shop. hitting people against the debris. >> one of the highest profile beauty pageants is making a change. why they're dropping the swim suit competition, and what will replace it? we have that in the skinny.


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